What Is CNC?

Involved in a lot of rough body play, CNC can be an intense experience. It requires open communication and a safe word. Some people use it to work through trauma and as a coping mechanism.

Before a scene, discuss what kind of feelings you want to achieve with your partner. It may be helpful to write down these goals and stick them somewhere.

It is a form of consent fetish

Many people who enjoy CNC fetish find that it helps them to explore their sexual fantasies and work through past trauma in a safe, consensual way. It can also be an exciting new way to explore kink and bond with your partner. However, it’s important to approach it carefully and to make sure that everyone involved is fully informed and comfortable.

Some people enjoy the physical struggle and bondage that come with CNC, while others like to reenact violent scenes from their childhood. A lot of people have rape or forced sex fantasies, and according to research by Justin Lehmiller, 61% of women, 54% of men, and 68% of nonbinary individuals have had those types of fantasy at least once in their lives.

The allure of this kink is that it delves into taboo aspects of power dynamics and non-consensual behavior. It’s important to understand that you can’t take this type of role play lightly, as it can be extremely traumatic for those who are not prepared for it. It’s crucial to be transparent with your partner and to use a safeword to end the scene.

Typical CNC scenarios include blindfolds and restraints, bondage play, flogging, orgasm denial through bondage, and edging (the act of drawing out stimulation for a long period of time). Many of these techniques can be used in conjunction with medical play to intensify the experience. Props can also add a lot to the scene and enhance the sensations. For example, the handle of a spoon can feel like the edge of a blade when used on someone who is blindfolded.

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It is a form of kink

CNC is a relatively common kink, and it can include a wide variety of scenarios. It often involves the top or dominant using force or coercion on the sub or bottom, and it may be a form of bondage or pain play. It is sometimes known as ravishment, and it can be as mild or as extreme as desired. Regardless of the scenario, it is important to discuss and agree on hard and soft limits before engaging in a scene. Safewords are also a must to mitigate risks of emotional and physical harm.

While some fetishes are not appropriate for all individuals, many find consensual non-consent arousing and explore it in healthy ways. It can be a great way to build trust and create a dynamic in a BDSM or kinky relationship. It can also help survivors of sexual assault work through trauma by reclaiming control over their bodies and lives. However, if you are a survivor, it is best to avoid any violence-related kinks until you have worked through your trauma with a therapist.

As with any kink, it is essential to communicate and agree on boundaries before beginning a CNC BDSM scene. This will help ensure that both partners are comfortable with the experience and can enjoy it. In addition, it is important to use safewords and limit-setting during a scene to reinforce autonomy and volition.

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It is a form of aftercare

Consensual non-consent (CNC) is a unique aspect of BDSM that involves role-playing scenarios that involve non-consensual acts. This kink can be intense and requires a high level of trust and communication between partners, as well as clear agreements about expectations and boundaries. Aftercare is also important, and should include physical and emotional support for both partners following a CNC scene.

For many people, fantasies of forced sex or rape play are an important part of their kinks and fetishes. They can be very sexually exciting and provide an adrenaline rush. For others, however, they can be extremely triggering. In the case of victims of assault, this type of kink can retraumatize them, and it is essential to have an exit plan for this type of play.

In addition to having a clear discussion about expectations and boundaries, both the dom and the sub should make sure that they have a safe word in place to stop the play at any time. The safe word should be agreed upon before the scene begins, and the dom should be aware of the sub’s needs and comfort levels throughout the experience.

While there is no one answer as to why people fantasize about force, kink, and power dynamics, some reasons may include the thrill of engaging in something taboo, or the sense of empowerment and dominance that can be achieved through a dominant/submissive relationship. Those who are used to being in control of their lives, however, can find pleasure in the dichotomy of relinquishing power to a dom and exploring a variety of exciting sensations and acts.

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It is a form of sexplay

CNC is a form of kink that allows partners to play out fantasy scenarios. While it’s not a fetish for everyone, it can be exhilarating for both dominant and submissive partners. It also gives people an opportunity to explore more primal sides of themselves. It’s important to communicate the boundaries, rules, and safewords of any CNC session before it begins.

Having forced sex fantasies is very common, especially among women and non-binary people. In fact, a recent survey found that 61% of women and 54% of men have fantasized about being made to have sex against their will. Fortunately, these fantasies can be played out in consensual ways. Those who engage in CNC can enjoy bondage, orgasms, evisceration, punishment, and anal penetration.

Some scenes involve pretending to be other people. For example, a dom and sub can roleplay as fighting spouses or a burglar and unsuspecting homeowner. They can also use props to help make the scene feel more realistic, such as a handle that feels like a blade or a blindfold to restrict sight.

It’s important to remember that CNC can be triggering for those who have suffered sexual assault or rape. Moreover, it’s important to discuss these issues before engaging in any kink or roleplay. Whether you want to explore your inner predator or just feel the rush of being dominated, it’s a good idea to start small and then work your way up to more intense situations.

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