What is a Little Daddy Dom Girl?

DDLG stands for “Daddy Dom Little Girl.” It’s a form of age play, a kink that involves a caregiver and a little.

A little is someone who likes to act younger than they are. They usually have a younger alter ego they slip into called their little headspace. They also may have a daddy dom or a community to connect with.


DDLG is one of the more misunderstood aspects of BDSM. It’s often equated with incest or pedophilia, but it’s not that at all. It’s simply a role-playing dynamic between two consenting adults where one assumes the parental role and the other takes on a childlike persona.

This dynamic often involves ageplay, with the Daddy Dom acting as a parent and the Little Girl playing her regressed age (between infant-adolescent). It can also be monogamous or polyamorous and it can include any gender or sexual orientation.

Many BDSM practitioners love to play in this headspace because it can bring new sparks to their relationship. It can also help them work through childhood trauma. However, if a DDLG goes too far into Little space, it’s important that they have a way back to reality.


ABDL is a fetish for adults who like to role play and regress to an infant or child-like state. They typically enjoy using stereotypically infantile items such as diapers, bottles, pacifiers and stuffed animals. While it is considered a fetish, ABDL is not pedophilia and happens only between consenting adults.

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While ABDL may have sexual motivations for some, for others it’s simply to reduce their state of emotional tension. They may use a diaper fetish to feel excited by urine and stool release and find comfort in the feeling of a diaper on their genitals. ABDL can also be used as part of sado-masochistic bondage. [15]

DD/LG Switch

DDLG is a type of ageplay that involves a dominant partner taking on the role of a fatherly figure. It goes hand-in-hand with ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) and is a form of kinky age-play.

Daddy Dom and Little Girl play is often discipline-oriented but doesn’t always move towards sex. They may use physical punishments such as spanking, hair-pulling and rough penetration or emotional pain like teasing, denying, scolding and dirty talk.

Many DDLG players also explore pet play which allows them to connect with their animalistic side. This can include kittenplay, puppyplay, bunnyplay and ponyplay. They might even wear collars with leashes that assert their submissiveness to their masters! Sometimes this can be a healing and therapeutic experience as well as a way to explore kinky play.


Age play can be a deeply meaningful aspect of a relationship for many Littles. They enjoy the gratification of being nurtured and cared for by Bigs, especially in a Daddy Dom role. Often, they will agree to dress in specific types of clothing and do certain chores in their role as Little. They will also agree to a safe word and disciplinary actions in case they become bratty or moody.

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Some Littles prefer to do non-ageplay but still want a Big/little dynamic. This can be a great way to incorporate TLC and nurturing in a scene without having it become child-like. These kinds of dynamics can range in age from infant to adolescent, and can be monoamorous or polyamorous. They can also be based on kink and/or fetish.

Little Space

Little space is a headspace where the person regresses to their child-like state and exhibits child like behavior. It is a form of age play that doesn’t necessarily involve sexuality but is often used as a way to escape from day-to-day adult responsibilities and stress.

During this time, the little gives control to their caregiver and agrees to let them make all decisions. The Little will also agree to be submissive and follow all commands. This is a very popular scene for many Daddy Doms. It can be fun and erotic foreplay for both parties. During this time, a Daddy Dom may use toys, pacifiers, dolls, or a diaper to discipline the Little when necessary. They will also play games and snuggle up with their stuffies.


In Chemistry, Polarity is the unequal distribution of partial charges in a molecule. It occurs when there are chemical bonds between atoms with different electronegativities. The bonds can be covalent or ionic. Molecules with non-polar bonds are symmetrical and the bond’s charges cancel out. Ionic bonds are the most polarized.

There’s a misunderstanding, partly based on BeDeeSeM, that people who roleplay as littles for kink or physically intimate relief are sexualizing their biological children. The truth is that adult bodies have adult needs and most of us need physically intimate relief from time to time.

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Age play is a safe way to express those needs. But it’s also not kink and it’s not sexually stimulating. In fact, it’s a very positive and healthy thing for both adults and their littles!


Headspace is a meditation app that offers mindfulness training and has been featured on the Today Show, BBC Breakfast, and Dr. Oz. It has also been cited in scientific studies as a way to decrease negative emotions.

Age play is a common part of BDSM and can be a fun way to connect with your big. Some people choose to roleplay a younger age as a form of self-expression, while others enjoy the power and control it gives them.

While it is okay for littles to be solo, many find solace in the DDLG community online. Here, you can meet other littles and daddy doms that you can bond with. You can even get into a daddy headspace and become one yourself. You can also get support and services for mental health, physical health (including sexual health), and work and study.

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