Sexy Things to Do With Your Partner

Whether you’re looking to spice up your bedroom routine or simply want to add some excitement into your relationship, being spontaneous can be an effective way to keep things steamy.

However, it’s important to be sensitive to your partner’s boundaries and respect their personal space. Here are a few fun and sexy things you can try together:.

1. Play a game of striptease – This piece of text is the creation of the portal team

According to experts, a strip tease is a great way to send sparks flying and get your partner in the mood. Just make sure you’re prepared and know what you’re doing.

Start the game across the room from your partner and gradually dance closer to them, straddling their knees or gyrating over their lap. Be sure to make eye contact and keep a seductive smile on your face.

Then, decide whether the loser strips a piece of clothing or both. Then you can continue playing or admire their nakedness in the bedroom. Playing games in the dark can be especially sensual, so dim the lights and use candles to set the mood.

2. Massage each other.

When you’re tired from work or just need a little boost in your libido, try giving each other a sensual massage. This is an easy way to turn up the heat with your partner, and it’s also a great foreplay idea.

Licking your partner is another arousing sexy activity that’s sure to get you both in the mood. You can use things like whipped cream, honey, or chocolate syrup.

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It’s important to keep trying new things in bed. It’s normal for your sexual desires to change over time, and stepping outside your comfort zone can help you rediscover what turns you on.

3. Leave the lights on.

Whether it’s a blizzard, dreary weather in general, or even just the plague keeping you two cooped up at home, cabin fever is an excellent excuse to get frisky. Try these sexy new activities to make the most of your time together.

Play with his senses by slowly and agonizingly kissing your way down his chest. Keep going until he begs you to stop, and watch his passion reach a frustrated peak.

His ears are one of the most overlooked erotic hot spots on his body. Have some fun with this playful, kinky idea by rubbing them against each other and then whispering a sexy compliment in his ear.

4. Have a contest.

One of our favorite sexy things to do together is to blindfold your partner and put honey somewhere on their body. They then have to find it using only their mouth or tongue. It can get messy, but it’s so much fun!

Another fun (and potentially kinky) game to play is truth or dare. Pick two truths and a lie, and see who can stump each other first!

Certified sex and relationship therapist Michelle Herzog, LMFT, CST, recommends this sexy version of the classic game. Write out 10 to 15 sexual-based questions or topics and place them in a jar. Pull one out randomly throughout the week or night and explore them.

5. Dress up each other.

If full-on BDSM isn’t for you, try a few light bondage activities to titillate your partner. For example, you could dress each other in lingerie or swimwear and take photos. This will make your partner feel horny and hungry for you.

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You can also use body paints that are made to be eaten for even more kinky fun. You can even get some fuzzy handcuffs to bind your partner up and have them pleasuring you.

You can also play adult card games or a racy game of truth or dare to get your adrenaline going. If you want to take it to the next level, have a go at some strip poker.

6. Play a fantasy game.

Playing a fantasy game is a great way to make the bedroom feel kinky and stimulating. Try playing sexy charades, a game of truth or dare, or a boudoir photo shoot.

You can also get creative and play a sexy version of Would You Rather?, with more racy questions. Or, take your erotic game out of the bedroom — you could kiss in a waterfall, on top of a washing machine, or in a field of wildflowers.

If full-on BDSM is too much for you, try roleplaying instead. Dress up as someone your partner has a crush on, and have fun taking turns pleasuring each other.

7. Give each other head rubs.

One of the most sexy things you can do with your partner is to give them a head rub. This is a simple and intimate thing that can turn them on by combining touch and erections. Try syncing your breaths and gazing eye-to-eye with your partner for an added effect.

A gentle tug on the hair can feel amazing if your partner is going down on you. Be careful not to go too far though – you don’t want to hurt them!

Mutual masturbation is a great way to add some sexual intimacy and exhibition to your relationship without taking off all of your clothes. It’s also a great way to figure out what turns your partner on the most!

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8. Masturbate together.

One of the sexiest things you can do is masturbate together. It’s arousing for both partners, and it gives you the opportunity to explore your partner’s body in ways that might not be possible during sex.

You can also get creative and use toys to heighten your senses. Try a vibrator and see how it affects your partner, or add a blindfold to spice things up even more.

Just make sure to discuss your wants and needs with your partner beforehand, so no one feels uncomfortable or resentful during a steamy masturbation session. Also, be clear about what you’re doing and don’t record it without consent.

9. Cuddle up tightly.

Sometimes, you and your partner can get into a sexual routine. And while that may be fine, a bit of experimentation can bring new excitement to the bedroom.

For instance, you could try cuddling positions. Spooning is one option, which involves facing each other and entwining your limbs in a romantic position. You can also try a “honeymoon hug,” where your partner wraps their arms around you and rests their head on your chest.

Or, you can make him sweat by doing some exercise together. A sexy workout can really heat things up with your guy, and you might find yourself even more turned on by him after the endorphins and sweat session!

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