How to Be Sexy in Bed

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Spice up your bedroom routine by using arousal gel, talking dirty and even acting out your wildest fantasies. You can also try tracing sexy words with your finger on your partner’s body, like “kiss” or “blowjob,” and have them guess.

1. Dress for the occasion

One of the best ways to feel sexy in bed is to dress for it. Splurge on some flirty lingerie or a bra and panties set that is sure to turn your man on. You can even wear a pair of thigh highs or fishnets for extra oomph.

Also, make sure to put on some sexy music and start dancing around the bedroom to get yourself in a good mood. A sultry smile will also do the trick to help you turn your partner on.

Another way to spice up your sexy time is by using foreplay to entice your partner. This can be anything from watching a porn movie together to rubbing your hand against their thigh. Keep the surprises coming so that your sexual experiences are always exciting.

2. Specify your demands

Most people can’t go from fully clothed to penetrative sex without some foreplay, so start by slipping into a pair of silky PJs and turning on an adult movie. This isn’t just for entertainment, it will get you both in the mood and increase your confidence in the bedroom.

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During sex, body language gives away a truckload of information so learn to read it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You’ll feel sexier when you know what you like and can express it.

You can also try out new things in the bedroom, like dancing to music or using a sex pillow, and make sure that both of you are having fun! Then, after the deed is done, ask how it felt.

3. Keep it simple

Whether it’s a lacy little bra you secretly bought or red sheets to heighten lust, there are many ways to show your man a new side in bed. But a lot of us get caught up in the idea of trying a bunch of different tricks to be seductive in bed.

Keeping it simple, in terms of both your bedroom decor and sexual activities, is the best way to get sexy. For example, Herbenick suggests removing photographs of loved ones from your bedroom and replacing them with pictures of sexy landscapes or naked women to create a mood that’s conducive to intimate times.

It’s also important to communicate with your partner about sexual desires. Communicating allows you to fantasize together consensually so that your arousal levels increase throughout the night.

4. Dress up for him

Men love a great-smelling woman, and using scented lotions and perfume will entice him to want you even more. Try wearing a nice perfume in the morning and reapply it when you get home. It’s not just good for you – it will also help you feel more confident in the bedroom.

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Try a sexy dress – a long, flowing gown can be a sexy, sensual way to show off your figure. Wear heels for an extra boost of confidence. Men like to see a hint of leg too, so try a backless dress or short skirt.

If you don’t have a dress, try wearing a lingerie set or some sexy panties. You can even go for a playsuit or something that will accent your legs, like fishnets or thigh highs.

5. Make him feel at ease

You want to make him feel confident in the bedroom so that he can be himself and explore his pleasure in new ways. Try smiling before you enter the room and hold his gaze for longer than usual to create a hypnotic connection that will intensify sex.

Men also love to be touched sensuously in places other than the genitals. Try rubbing your hands along his arms and shoulders, or caressing his neck or back while you press your body against him.

And don’t be afraid to use your voice to turn him on. Moans, groans and growls of pleasure are erotic and turn men on just as much as words do.

6. Make him feel special

Men like to be praised for their accomplishments, even in the bedroom. This can build their confidence and make them feel more sexy in bed.

He wants to hear your moans, groans and screams of pleasure. This turns him on immensely. So don’t hold back.

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You can also try a variety of sex toys with him to add some excitement to your lovemaking sessions. However, make sure that you talk to him beforehand if you want to surprise him with this or if you are just trying a new toy for the first time.

Most importantly, learn to love your body. This will turn him on as well because he’ll see that you’re confident in your own skin. You’ll look sexy in his eyes.

7. Give him a treat

Men love to feel powerful and sexually charged, especially when they know that you want it that way. Whether it’s telling him you like to tease him in bed or sending him a photo of yourself in a thong or a playsuit, a little flirtation goes a long way.

Other sexy tricks to try include edible body paint, body shots or whipped cream — basically anything that makes him salivate and turn you on. Or, adorn yourself in a maid uniform for a little roleplay that can be sexy, fun or even just silly, depending on your guy’s fetishes.

Try licking him in unexpected places, like his elbows or toes or clavicle. Or, graze him with your lips or teeth — every man has different specific turn-ons.

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