Which is the Best Way to Tell Your Partner That You Are Not Ready to Move Forward?

Sometimes, people are not ready to get into a long-term relationship. And that is perfectly fine.

However, it is important that your partner knows this so they do not continue to lead you on. This can cause frustration and confusion for both parties involved. So which is the best way to tell your partner that you are not ready to commit?

1. Be direct.

It is not always easy to tell someone that you are not ready to take things to the next level. You can give your partner some insight into how you feel in day to day conversations, but it is more helpful to bring it up when you are both in the same mood and in a setting where you have time to really focus on the conversation.

Being direct with your partner is important because it will allow them to process what you are saying and not get confused. It also will help them understand that you are not lying and that you are not leading them on.

It can be tempting to beat around the bush and tell your partner that you are not ready for a relationship, but this will only confuse them. You need to be direct and let them know that you are not interested in getting into a relationship with them right now. If life circumstances are keeping you from being able to be in a committed relationship with them, then it is okay to say so.

2. Be honest.

Trying to avoid being honest with your partner by beating around the bush or dropping subtle hints is not fair to them. It will leave them feeling confused and frustrated, which is not the kind of vibe you want to create in a relationship.

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Indirect communication can also be very hurtful, especially if your partner tries to open up and tell you how they feel about you and then gets shut down or yelled at for it. This will only discourage them from being honest in the future.

Being honest with your partner is important, and it’s okay to admit if you are not ready for a serious commitment. There are many reasons that you might not be ready, such as healing from a previous relationship or needing time to focus on your career.

Be honest with your partner about what you do and don’t want in a relationship, and make sure to communicate this clearly and respectfully. This will help them trust and feel safe in your presence. If you are unsure how to say these things, consider using a resource like Relationship Hero that offers trained love coaches to guide you through the process.

3. Be open.

Being open with your partner can help you get the clarity that you need from them. If you bring up your feelings about taking things to the next level in your day to day conversations, they can get a clear idea of where you stand.

If you tell them that you are not ready for a relationship, they should respect that. If they do not, then they are likely not the person that you want to be in a relationship with.

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Sometimes, people will try to lead you on by saying that they are not ready for a relationship but really they mean something different. This is called breadcrumbing and it can be very hurtful.

On the other hand, if they say that they are not interested in a relationship but you know for sure that is not the case, then you should be open about that as well. This way, you can avoid any miscommunication. This will give you the freedom to explore new relationships that will make you happy. It will also prevent you from being tethered to someone that does not prioritize your happiness.

4. Be patient.

If you find that your partner is constantly pressuring you to move forward with the relationship, take a step back. They might be going through some difficult things, such as recently getting out of a long-term relationship or juggling work and family commitments. They may also be unsure of how they feel about you, especially if they’ve been dating for a while.

Regardless of their reasons, you must remember that their feelings for you are a personal choice that they get to make. Be patient and compassionate, but stand firm about your own wants and needs in the relationship.

If you really care about them, then try to understand their perspective as best as possible. This will help you decide if the relationship is worth it for both of you in the long run. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your time by waiting for someone who doesn’t want to commit. That would be heartbreaking. How much time is too much, though? Is it months, years or even decades? That’s something you will have to figure out on your own.

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5. Be respectful.

Sometimes we need to be assertive with our partners, especially when something makes us uncomfortable. However, being respectful is also important. It’s a big part of having a healthy relationship. If you partner is not respectful of your needs, it’s not a good idea to be with them.

If your partner tries to talk you out of your decision not to have sex, remember that it’s a personal choice and you have every right to choose when you want to be intimate. It may not be fair or right for them to try and convince you otherwise.

It can be incredibly difficult to hear those six words from the person you really like and care about. If he continues to push you in this way, despite your protestations, it may be time to consider leaving the relationship for good. However, if he respects your wishes and understands that you are choosing not to have sex, then maybe it’s just a bump in the road. The two of you could continue to be good friends without ever having sex.

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