How Long Is a Magnum Condom?

When it comes to condoms, there are many different types. They can vary in material, strength, shape, and size.

Magnum condoms are larger than standard lubricated latex rubbers and tapered at the base to ensure they stay on better. They also provide heightened sensitivity and comfort.

The good news is that most people do not need magnum condoms. However, they are a useful option for those with larger penises who want extra room.


Many people ask how long is a magnum condom. However, it is more important to consider the girth rather than the length of a condom when choosing a size. A person can measure their girth with a piece of string, flexible measuring tape, or even their own finger, and this measurement should be taken while the penis is erect.

A person can then use this measurement with a condom size chart to find the correct size for their penis. This method is a little more reliable than trying to guess or use an average of sizes that may not apply to everyone.

Magnum condoms are longer and wider than standard condoms, so they are good for men who have a bigger endowment. They are made of premium latex and have a special reservoir end for added safety.

It is also a good idea to try on different brands and sizes of condoms, so you can see what feels most comfortable and secure. Most professionals agree that a condom should feel snug but not aggressively tight, and it should roll easily down the shaft of the penis. Using a condom that fits well will increase pleasure and reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. A lot of people like the way Magnum condoms feel, so they are a popular choice.

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Like jeans and shoes, condoms are sized by width (girth) rather than length. That’s because they can stretch. You can find a wide variety of sizes on the market. If you’re a man whose penis is larger than average, you might want to consider a magnum condom to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

To measure girth, use a piece of string or soft tape and gently wrap it around the thickest part of your erect penis. Then, use a ruler to measure the diameter of that part. Then plug your measurements into a condom size calculator to see which type of condom would fit best.

You can also check out our condom size chart for reference. It’s arranged from smallest flat width to largest. Here you’ll find the base nominal width, mid-shaft nominal width, and length of each type of Trojan condom.

TROJAN Magnum Lubricated Latex Condoms are 30% wider and 10% longer than regular Trojan rubbers for extra comfort and confidence. They are made of premium latex and electronically tested to help ensure reliability, so you can feel safe and secure. Plus, they’re HSA and FSA eligible so you can purchase them with pre-tax dollars! Each condom is lubricated for added sensitivity and features a reservoir tip. TROJAN brand condoms reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.


If you have a very large penis, you may be wondering if you should get Magnum condoms. However, if you have an average penis size, you should stick to regular condoms because they are more effective in terms of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

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Choosing the right size of condom for your body type is essential for ensuring that it feels comfortable and has the best possible fit. The most important measurement is the circumference, which is measured around the base or mid-shaft of your penis. To determine the circumference of your penis, you can use a tape measure or ruler. You should also make sure that your penis is erect when measuring so that you get the most accurate results.

Trojan’s Magnum condom line includes several types of lubricated condoms that are designed for well-endowed men. The original Magnum condoms are 30 percent larger than the standard Trojan condoms, while the ribbed and BareSkin varieties are slightly tighter at the base for extra comfort. If you’re looking for an even more expansive option, try the Magnum XL condoms. They’re the largest condoms in the Magnum lineup and feature a reservoir tip for added safety. These lubricated condoms are made of premium latex and are electronically tested to help ensure reliability. When used properly, they reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and many sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia infections, and herpes.


The lubrication on a magnum condom is a bit thicker than a regular Trojan Condom. This makes them more slippery and less likely to slip off during sexual intercourse. It also provides extra comfort for the partner.

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The thicker lubrication of a Magnum Condom can also help to reduce the friction caused by the penis. This is especially important for people who have sensitive skin. The lubrication on a magnum Condom can be particularly useful for people who have rough or bumpy penises.

Using a Magnum Condom can also be helpful for people who are prone to erectile dysfunction or nerve damage. The extra size of the condom can provide more room for the sperm, and can make the experience much more enjoyable for both partners.

Most people focus solely on the length of a condom when they are selecting a size, but girth is actually more important. To find the right condom size, a person can measure their girth with a measuring tape or a piece of string wrapped around an erect penis. They should measure from the base of the penis to the tip.

Trojan is committed to providing a wide range of sizes and styles of condoms to meet the needs of all men. The company has a special line of Magnum condoms that are designed for people with larger penises. These include the Magnum BareSkin, which is 20 percent thinner and 18 percent wider than a standard latex condom, for added sensitivity. These condoms are also individually electronically tested to help ensure reliability.

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